On Bullet Journals

My kinda journaling

What type of BuJo’r am I?

So… I’ve discounted bullet journals in the past — as recently as 2 months ago, before I decided to host my own bullet journal party.  But even that was a reversal of my first understanding of it.   A year ago, I was:  complete OCD!  

Then one day I was in Barnes and Nobles, looking for something to throw my cash at, and I came across a Moleskine Voyageur.  3 sections of different types of paper – lined, dots and quad.  This coincided with a high-stress period in my life when I doubted my own memory, soo..

Nope.  From official bulletjournal website.


Look, it’s not for me.  I tried it — great starter resources are here, here, here, crazy nuts here, and of course, here with the bullet journaling’s “creator’s” website.  I’ve no clue if Ryder Carroll patented the idea, but he’s obviously trying to monetize it with his little shop on his website.  It’s full-blown, tho, so watch your back as you go down that rabbit hole..

Funny how the last name of the bullet journaling creator = Carroll…  Read more about him from the Wall Street Journal here.

I kept the Voyageur for listing stuff I’d come across throughout the day, because I’m very much a polybibliophile.  Cross this with being a bit of a klepto about stealing time to read… and a bit of a little pony out at pasture, grazing all day long.  When something crosses my eyeballs, I Can’t NOT Read IT!!!!  Documenting in my notebook what I’d come across only lasted for so long.


Is it an addiction?

Possibly.  But no more than this bullet journaling stuff, no?

I get that it creates a calm in this storm of life, this hyper-technichized society that removes us from the mode of being.  Logging forces one to pause in the moment and assess.  Think… Realize..  Be.

Much like this blog has forced me to stop the rush of my life and play with language in the measure that I want to consume it.

Think of me for a second, my thoughts.

If you feel a gap and think you’re missing someone in your life (You.), then, yeah, bullet journaling may be something for you to look into.

Just don’t get lost.  🙂


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