E for Easier – #AtoZChallenge

Not likely.

In my life, there’s a fight for time among the many, many things I’d like to do and the things I have to do.  It’s a hard battle.  I’m at a point in my life where I realize time doesn’t want to just come and visit me anymore.  He shies away in the corner and I have to seek him out, reminding him I need more of him .. but he still refuses.  I don’t know what his problem is.

I’m therefore left sometimes with sleepless nights and upset tummies in the morning because of the lack of sleep.  And I *love* sleep.

It’s not easy.  All the things I want .. not easy.  I’m coming to this conclusion.

I’ve fought hard for many, many things in my life.  Many things.  Many ideals, particularly justice and mercy.  I know where I came from, I carry it with me always, so I know difficultly.  But this issue with time and doing the things I love.. royal pain.

But.. that’s all I will say about that.  Because when I created this blog, I vowed I wouldn’t be a complainer about my lack of time to write.

I’m doing it now, aren’t I?  : )


This is for the 2017 A to Z Challenge – a series of alphabetized themes throughout April, based on a theme.

My theme is my writing identity, self-discovery, learning to blog (again) — take your pick!

Visit the A to Z Challenge website to learn more.  It’s never to late.  I think.



5 thoughts on “E for Easier – #AtoZChallenge

  1. I know the learning to blog/write again mode all too well. I’m hoping this challenge ignites my writing again. Having new followers to read helps too. And it’s okay to complain a little bit. Just not too much, okay?

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    1. lol – okay. : )

      I’m realizing it’s a mindset and I’ve got to flip it. Having an awareness of blase/complaint and that it’s also a struggle helps. Don’t like living like this.. let’s just get to it! Thanks, Geraint. You’ve helped me think.

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  2. Thank you for opening up about your struggles. I think your last paragraphs kinda hold the key about how to move forward: every little counts. We often don’t even start something because we can’t see that we’ll have all that time to finish it. So if you feel so bad about not doing the things you love, just take 5 minutes to write add instead if downplaying it (“yeah done 5 minutes but it’s nothing I should’ve done at least an hour”) celebrate it: “I made time for the thing that makes me happy! It was a great day!”
    Well, at least that’s what I learned to realise 😉

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    1. “instead if downplaying it” — yes, that’s just dumb. I think that attitude is a friend of failure. Whine, whine, can’t write, and oh, look — the writing does stink! Takes away from the merits of thought, beauty of language, the moment. 5 minutes is a moment, is it not? Capture, capture.. Capture.

      Thank you so much, Miss Andi. ❤


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