D for Doors – #AtoZChallenge

A door shines like the sun in the middle of the house. No light source, so it’s glow is confusing. But that’s not what you’re considering as you look upon this golden door that wasn’t here not a moment ago. In your own home.  Why did it appear?  What does it represent?  And should you go through it?

Doors to the heart,
doors to a room.

Doors for concealing,
doors for revealing.

Doors to peace,
doors to doom.

Doors through conversation,
doors through expression.

Doors on the screen
doors on the wall.

Doors of meaning,
doors just for leaning.

Doors of books,
doors for kooks..

Doors to heaven,
doors to hell.

Doors of the imagination,
Doors of stagnation.


This is for the 2017 A to Z Challenge – a series of alphabetized themes throughout April, based on a theme.

My theme is my writing identity, self-discovery, learning to blog (again) — take your pick!

Visit the A to Z Challenge website to learn more.  It’s never to late.  I think.


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