C is for Caliente, Cabron, Cocinar – #AtoZChallenge

Molcajete y tejolote, (mortar and pestle) Traditional way of gri

I’m a parrot.

I grew up nominally learning Spanish with Spanish-speaking parents so, as my hot-tempered father would say, “You can make it to the top.”  I made it to the top of my English class, not pining for the language of my ancestors, but hating the way my father pronounced my name, “Veronica!” in Spanish:

Ve – curt and brief, just like chopped up vegetables

Rò – with a trill. Imagibe a trilly “Ro-Ro-Ro your boat”

Ni – as in tripped up knee, but you’re falling gracefully down the stairs now

Ca – as in.. well, reprated twice, I shan’t say.

His prowess in singing and playing the guitar, I swear, were all practice for hitting the right tune in calling my name to get after me… Spanish-style, with a stream of obscenities and a dose of machismo.


Go Google and YouTube it, I’m sure you’ll find the pronunciation.  Now go and and imagine my name growled out of the lips of a big ole’ Hispanic male, heavy-set with thick furrowed eyebrows.  I swear I would never be like him.



The cabròn came later when I got married at 20.  The very english daughter who was going to the top settled for a $100 gold wedding ring from Zales.  Dad’s investment into marrying the “most beautiful girl in Elsa, Texas” to compensate for what he thought were “ugly” gruff looks fell by the wayside.  Thirty, forty years stuck in a hellish marriage for the sake of the children, and all he had to show for it was his empty nest.  Like his other daughters, I chose love.. and ran away as fast as I could to it.  My poor Dad.

And cocinar?  I do a lousy job of it.  I wish me a stove, but luckily, my cabròn doesn’t mind a whit, nor that I know just enough Spanish to pretend to  think I know how to speak it.  No nude, Spanish-speaking dancing, love-making sprite here, but a lady who can lay into a genuine Spanish cursing spell. .. kinda like my Dad.

Because I parrot really well.  Symphonic ears and a mimicking tongue are just born that way, I guess.  ..just like Dad’s.


This is for the 2017 A to Z Challenge – a series of alphabetized themes throughout April, based on a theme.

My theme is my writing identity, self-discovery, learning to blog (again) — take your pick!

Visit the A to Z Challenge website to learn more.  It’s never to late.  I think.





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